In 1986 the Danish travel journalist Finn Marc wrote a series of articles on the Indonesian region of Irian Jaya for the weekly magazine Hjemmet. A very exciting and dramatic presentation in three parts about his adventures among the wild cannibals in New Guinea. About his meeting with the Asmat people on New Guinea's south coast, he writes: "This is unbelievable. Like an old Tarzan movie from my childhood. In the year 1986. Absolutely unbelievable! "

But Finn Marc never visited Irian Jaya. Due to the political situation in the area he never got the permission from the Indonesian government needed to continue his trip from Jakarta onwards. Instead, he had to return to Denmark. There he invented his story upp and took pictures from old illustrated books safely at home in Denmark. When this finally was revealed after the publication he had to admit his bluff.

My own uncle Jack made numerous of travels all over the world during the fifties, sixties and seventies . The result of these adventures were articles for the magazine "The Wereldkroniek," a Dutch weekly magazine, including reports from the royal family, the latest from Paris, exciting stories from far away, useful tips for house wives and a little horoscope .

Uncle Jack also gave lectures and slide shows for an –at the time- audience hungry for stories and images in these pre-internet times and early television age. I can only guess at the content of these shows. They are said to have been well attended, entertaining and a little risqué. Unfortunately I've never heard any of his stories, Uncle Jack passed away long time ago. A number of years ago, I received a large part of his slide show material. The material consisted of a mixture his own pictures, purchased slides and photographed illustrations from books and newspapers.

The work of these two people has been the set off for my Hinterland project. A reconstruction of a journey made long ago, an expedition to the tropics, to Hinterland. 

Tom Bogaard, Gothenburg 2015

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