Kyrkskolan & Kyrkbyns förskola

Tierps Kyrkbyn 2023

oil on shaped canvas, mirror mosaic, papier-mâché, wood, glass, acrylics

The Hunting Angel, the Virgin and the Unicorn

Three characters from a painting in the nearby 13th century church. Three walls in the new built school. Different things are going on: cardboard wings are hanging from a folding screen with a grotto painted on. A narwhal’s tooth hanging in a glass cabinet. The zodiac sign of the unicorn in mirror mosaic. A red dress hanging from another folding screen. Broccoli trees, stars and dogs.

Fjällblomman Preschool

Rannebergen 2016


My first outdoor work,  looking like giant play-doo. Mounted on two wooden walls for a new build preschool in Rannebergen, north of Gothenburg . The sculptures are made in styrofoam and jesmonite with a coating of polyurea and painted with polyurethane paint. 

Commissioned by Lokalförvaltning Gothenburg and installed in 2016

Systema Naturae

A number of paintings in the new build Södra Älvsborg Hospital in Borås from 2009 and 2010. In the paintings a variety of animals and plants - some local, some exotic, put together in large colourful spray lacquered frames. Painting mostly in vinyl paint on mdf.  Two large landscape paintings, in oil paint on glas, mark the entrance of two separate floors in the hospital building. Eight pieces in different shapes and sizes are hung both inside the departments and outside in the stair case. 

Commissioned by the Region Västra Götaland and installed in 2010

Södra Älvsborg Hospital

 Borås 2010

Police Head Quarters

Helsingborg 2006

The police headquarters entrance is open for public. Here, on a light blue painted wall, a collection of mixed furniture from different eras along with some plants and a dog. The title is "Make Yourself at Home”.

The police dining room is for police personel only. Here you find the same furniture and objects but with minor and major changes in colour and arrangement to the police personel to detect and interpret in time. ”Spot the Five Differences " . Both works are done in oil on canvas attached to shaped panels. Sizes; approx. 450 x 250 and 650 x 250 cm.

The hallway that links these two rooms contain paintings with plant motifs from various greenhouses. The 30 paintings measure each 120 x 100 cm and are painted in vinyl paint on paper.

The assignment was commissioned by the Public Art Agency Sweden (Statens Konstråd) and was finished in 2006.

Import / Export 2015

Azaleadalen Gothenburg

Azaleadalen, Slottskogen Gothenburg at the TOMBOLA Parksalong, a large outdoor group exhibition organised by artist group TOMBOLA

Temporary site specific work. Dutch Wax Print cloth. Approx. 230 cm x 18 m

Wet and windy weather conditions on the 30th of May 2015

 Land Art Light-projects  2006 - 2014

various sites; Swedish Lappland (Sarek), Gothenburg, Gotland, Sardinia Italy,  Los Angeles

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